About Us

Equator Gold provides business consulting and geoscience services.

The original objective of Equator was to explore for mineral deposits in South Sudan, the geology of which was then almost unknown, and to develop discoveries into mining operations. Early work was very successful and Equator made a number of promising discoveries of gold and nickel deposits.

When Equator first entered South Sudan just before its independence, the international community was encouraging firms to invest in the country, which was desperately in need of development.  South Sudan was  one of the poorest countries in the world, and the economy was one of the world’s weakest and most underdeveloped. The country had the highest maternal mortality and female illiteracy rates in the world. Very few communities had electricity or running water, and infrastructure barely existed, with only 200 kilometres of paved roads in a country bigger than France. Mineral resources offered a potential route to economic development.

Tragically, civil conflict broke out at the end of 2013 and working in our project areas became progressively more difficult until July 2016, when a second phase of fighting severely affected our concession areas. In November 2016, our field base was looted and we made a force majeure declaration. We have not been able to operate since then.

After the outbreak of conflict, the South Sudan interests have been fully transferred to companies in Jersey and Equator Gold Limited in England  has moved to consulting and geoscience services.

Founded in England in April 2011, Equator Gold underwent a corporate reorganisation in June 2013 and the English companies are now wholly-owned technical services companies of the Group. The parent company of the Group is Equator Gold Holdings Limited, incorporated as a public company in Jersey. The principal shareholders are Richmond Partners Master Limited and Exploration Capital Partners (a fund of Sprott Asset Management), together with the Group’s founders and their friends and family.

Equator Gold’s Board and Management