About Us

The Equator Gold group of companies is prospecting for gold in South Sudan. The parent company of the Group is Equator Gold Holdings Limited, incorporated as a public company in Jersey.

Founded in England in April 2011, Equator Gold underwent a corporate reorganisation in June 2013 which established the holding company in Jersey.  The English companies are now wholly-owned technical services companies of the Group.

The principal shareholders are Richmond Partners Master Limited and Exploration Capital Partners (a fund of Sprott Asset Management), together with the Group’s founders and their friends and family.

In May 2011, Equator Gold signed an earn-in agreement with South Sudanese company Consolidated Mineral & Energy Resources Investment Co Ltd. (CMERIC), under which the Group is earning staged interests of up to 85% in the Upper Luri exploration licence by conducting and funding exploration.

Equator Gold’s Board and Management