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Equator Gold is an exploration group prospecting for gold in South Sudan.

South Sudan became the world’s newest country when it gained independence in July 2011. An important oil producer, the country is also keen to encourage investment to explore for and develop gold and other mineral deposits.

Equator enjoys first mover advantages as South Sudan opens to mining development after an exploration hiatus since 1956, resulting from the wars for independence. The Company is managing three of the first prospecting rights in South Sudan. Having operated in South Sudan since before Independence in 2011, Equator is well placed to capitalise on new opportunities as they arise.

Our vision is to search for and discover large gold deposits, containing two million ounces or more, and to monetise these discoveries to return value to shareholders, building on the 18-month head-start we have over the competition and on the good relationships we have built up.

The Luri Gold Project, Equator’s first asset in South Sudan, is highly prospective and located conveniently close to the capital city of Juba. Equator’s exploration to date has been extremely successful and we have already identified three very promising gold targets.  We believe that there is a good probability that the Luri licence contains several significant, multi-million ounce gold resources.

Equator is also in joint venture with South Sudanese company Spear Mining Limited on the Wudabi Project and has an equity interest in the Katokeji Project, both adjacent to the Uganda border.

Currently Equator’s operations are subject to force majeure on account of civil conflict.

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