Equator Gold is cooperating with the Ministry of Mining of South Sudan and IGS (International Geoscience Services) Limited of the UK to develop a geoscience mapping programme for South Sudan. The partners intend to organise a Workshop in Juba to inform potential users and beneficiaries about the project, review international best practice for programmes of this type and seek a consensus on the types and parameters of data to be acquired.

South Sudan lies astride four major units of the African crust: the Congo-Uganda Craton; the Central African Fold Belt or Oubanguides; the Sahara Metacraton and the Arabian-Nubian Shield.  Precambrian basement rocks with potential for gold and other metal mineral deposits outcrop over about 40% of South Sudan, an area of 300,000km2.

The geology of South Sudan is very poorly known, however, because of remote terrain, poor infrastructure, lack of past investment in primary mapping and 60 years of conflict.

The Ministry of Mining proposes to conduct a geoscientific mapping programme of these crucial basement areas. The availability of good basic mapping would not only greatly aid the development of South Sudan’s mineral resources but also improve understanding of water resources, environmental chemistry, agriculture, geohazards, infrastructure opportunities and many others. The Workshop will be a key first step in ensuring that the programme is conducted to best international standards and delivers maximum benefit.

An overview of the proposed workshop can be downloaded here: